Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year! Hope it’s a good one, but with the current economic outlook I’m afraid it will be a bumpy ride for many of us:( So sorry for the long lapse, but a lot has been happening. Besides the Holidays, KID finishing up her third semester at university (4 As and a B in French—Oh yes, Dean’s List again!), transportation problems, and actually having to work for a living…we finally moved into the house the second week in November. It was kind of sad to me to have to move Any furniture onto the gorgeous wood floors. But, alas, the reason we did get the house was for offices and to get out of paying exorbitant rent in an office building. IJ and I both agree that as an office, the space is working for us extremely well. I disposed of tons of superfluous stuff accumulated by the previous five years of ever changing support staff (hmm, wonder if he might be hard to work for?) and archived many files. The result is that we now know where everything is and have dedicated areas for compiling reports, accounting, client lists, and our massive need for file storage. The huge maple table (and six chairs) that Mom and Dad gave us looks great in the dining room (what we now call the conference room—although the only meetings we have had there so far have consisted of conferring over Greek sandwiches or MacDonald’s). However, IJ will have the table covered with blueprints today for a current job he is working on. To have everything for a job laid out at once is a luxury he never had before. Of course, there still is a lot of work to be done but the bulk of the major projects are complete. And, it is so nice to be in the house without plumbers, electricians, cable/phone/computer guys tromping in and out (on those wood floors)…sorry guys. I am actually at home today working on a cheery report for IJ on private prisons, so in my spare time I might catch up on some blogging and posting pictures. Oh how I love the multi-tasking of MS Windows!

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bungalow_bliss said...

I am greeeeen with envy over those amazing floors! The inlaid pattern with different tones is absolutely gorgeous. I'm also digging the columns...can you imagine them stripped?? A ton of work given the detailing, but wowza!